Monday, April 21, 2014

limited edition pieces online at anthropologie: coastal plate box set..

available online only at anthropologie:
Coastline plates 4 handmade plates depicting beach scenes, all encased in a handmade wooden box topped by a found beach object.

conjuring summertime..keep forever.

this is a very limited edition available on anthropologie's website.
all inspired by my daily beach ramblings...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

street markings..

I am always taking notice of the subtleties around me as I walk or run around the city and the coast. There are so many amazing patterns casually juxtaposed on walls, sidewalks and trees. Some are naturally occurring while others quite deliberate and utilitarian perhaps unknowing of their aesthetic qualities. I love seeing these geometric and circular shapes and forms and try and snap them when I can and use later to inform plate designs.

such beauty and color and texture:

and shapes find their way to clay..

Monday, March 24, 2014


for most of you, the winter of 2013-14 has been one non stop polar vortex of cold snow and sleet. much like the winter of 1993-94..the winter that encouraged my move to the west coast from new york. it was enough for me..ruined shoes,cancelled plans. i was done.
but i still keep tabs on what's going on weather wise there and know it has been challenging. while we have had an unseasonably warm and sunny winter, we have our own vortex of drought to be concerned about.
but there are distractions from all this..fresh blooms on the trees, birds mating, scent of renewal, and just knowing a transition is afoot.

and new spring pieces are launched in two favorite shops: anthropologie and sundance.
available now online. limited editions..

deep black botanical platter at anthropologie:

creamy white and yellow- turquoise and gray serve bowl at sundance:

bringing a bit of light and air to the season.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

giving back...

If you follow this blog or know that before I put all of my work energy into ceramics, I was an urban social worker, heavily involved in many different communities helping to create and support affordable housing in new york city and san francisco. When I ceased to work "professionally" as a social worker, I retained my sense of duty, service and the importance of giving back. It is something I feel strongly about and try and instill in my kids. you can give time, attention and of course money to causes, organizations you believe in. Even if you are not a philanthropist on a grand scale a la bill gates, you can still demonstrate your support in whatever way you can, and believe me, anything helps.
I have pledged to donate a portion of all of my annual income from my ceramics work to different community organizations spanning the arts, LGBT issues and community health. Some of the places I have supported this year:

San Francisco Food Bank
Ali Forney Center in San Francisco: serving LGBT youth
Planned Parenthood- supporting affordable women's health
Various breast cancer organizations
NPR- my local station KQED and KCRW in Los Angeles
Abiquiu Public Library- serving a remote part of northern new mexico and preserving local history and culture
marsh theater- keeping one person plays going and youth programs in SF

I am hoping to carve out some time this year to do a bit more hands on work- but am proud to support where I can. I like to say that giving what you can annually "keeps you in shape" for future giving, involvement and general citizenry. Toiling away in my studio in a singular way, it is important to remain connected in this larger way.
That and walking my new pup at the beach to remind me how very small we really are..but that we can still imprint.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

last blast to new mexico for 2013..

oh the ephemeral beauty of new mexico..always a bit of an exhale for me to be there.. so a wonderful excuse to go came up at the last minute, dear friends Char Vazquez and Sherry Stein were having a final event at their iconic White Studio in Santa Fe.

"I'm in".

shiprock from the sky

So packed up some pieces that I had available for sale and flew to Albuquerque for a long weekend. 

The air was crisp and clear..dusting of snow the first morning and then warm sunned streets with just puddles of ice in the shade..stunning.

Santa Fe knows how to do the holidays and revels in its farolito history and hispanic traditions surrounding the Virgen de Guadalupe. I even got to take in a play "Los Pastores" at Guadalupe church performed by a local folk art troupe.

A hike in the woods above town yielded an amazing collection of new branches for plates. and visits to the museum of Indian Art and Culture and the Institute of American Indian Arts were inspirational as always..

and I scored a cup from one of my favorite ceramicists: Bart Johnson and his incredible drawings on clay.

a lovely way to unwind, do a little business, and refuel in one of my favorite places. It always clears my head and puts things in perspective and inspires great new project ideas as well..

and do stay tuned for my end of year giving post coming up next.. it's time for the year end donations to community organizations with a portion of proceeds from the year's sales.